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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 November 2012

Quite a busy day yesterday. First stop the Elizabeth Shopping Centre for a spot of Xmas shopping. Our main goal was to find something for Caitlin as I had something particular in mind, but no luck. It was not a complete loss as we found something for Zak, and also for Jade’s birthday.

Second stop was the nursing home to see Mum, who is just that little bit worse every visit. Yesterday she was very confused, one minute she was upset because she had not seen my nephew who is down on holidays with his family from Queensland, but the next minute she has seen him at his mother’s home, which is highly unlikely. Who knows?

Third stop, Ryan and Melissa’s as they had a wedding to attend and we were on babysitting duty. Although we were meant to have all 3 children, due to circumstances Bailey was with his other Nana so we only had Cody and Calais. We had a lovely time playing with the kids, Cody’s coordination is much improved, I was pleasantly surprised to see he can catch a ball and he is a dead shot having copped both Brian and I with balls to the head.

Neither Cody or Calais showed any inclination to go to bed and as normal grandparents we let them stay up. Cody finally nodded off about 11.00 but Miss Calais who was so tired she could hardly stand passed out about 11.45. I know this was far too late for her and I had given it a good try much earlier, but it was not to be. The kids got home from the wedding about midnight and Brian and I fell into bed about 1.00. Bloody hard work being grandparents.

Now I am on my own for a few days as Brian has flown to Sydney for a conference and will be home on Wednesday night. This is his first business trip and he was quite excited and a bit nervous, quite cute really.

I have spent the afternoon washing and reading and am now starting to think about dinner. Hmmm, steak burger, pizza, Chinese or macaroni and cheese, not sure. Bye for now!

Thank you for reading.

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