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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 November 2012


Today is day of remembrance for my family, it is 13 years today since my eldest grandchild Jordan Brandon Mitchell was “born sleeping”, a day none of us will ever forget. Being a grandparent you grieve for your grandchild, and being a parent you ache for your child, in this case my second son Ryan.

I was in Sydney when I received the news that shattered Ryan’s dreams, and I will never forgive myself for not getting on the very first plane to be by his side. This was the most selfish thing I ever did in my life, and while I know Ryan understood and holds no ill feelings, I am still angry at myself.

I will never forget the sight of my 17 year old son carrying that little white coffin to the graveside, the grief on his face and that of his then partner Mellissa was overwhelming, they were so young. There were so many stuffed toys placed in that grave, so much love for that baby that we never knew, none of us will ever forget that day.

A few short years later Ryan and Mellissa did become the proud parents of another baby boy, Cody Jordan Mitchell, one of the lights of my life; Ryan and Mellissa have since parted. Ryan is now engaged to another Melissa, slightly different spelling, and they are the proud parents of my youngest grandchild Calais Sierra Mitchell. Melissa did not come into our family empty-handed, she bought with her Bailey Cameron Clements from a previous relationship.

I am very proud to say that my branch of the Mitchell Family pay no heed to steps and halfs, Bailey is now my grandson, a wonderful brother to Cody and Calais and a welcome addition to my family.

It has now been 13 years since we said goodbye to Jordan but he will always been in our hearts, in some ways it seems like yesterday. Another year has passed, another day to share my tears with Ryan and the other members of our family.

Thank you for reading.

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