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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 November 2012

The drought has finally broken, Graham’s Goodies has had its first sales and I am over the moon. It has been a long time coming but persistence is the name of the game. Christmas is coming so place your orders now and beat the Christmas rush.

A very busy day at the office today, I arrived to an email from a client that I had conducted a meeting for on Tuesday night, asking if we would be interested in taking on another corporation he is involved in. Yes thank you very much. Then I receive an email from a developer that we deal with, another new corporation, thank you very much. Next a phone call from the opposition to advise that a corporation’s records  we have been waiting for are ready for collection, thank you very much. Three in one day, the bosses will be happy when they come back from leave on Monday.

Brian arrived home from Sydney last night, he had a good time but he was pooped. He got to catch up with an old school friend  who invited us to his wedding next year, on my birthday. That will help me to forget the number as I edge closer to old age.

A busy weekend this weekend, Cody is coming to stay on Friday night so he can help Uncle Brian put up our Christmas Tree, it is their thing they have done it together for the last few years. Mass invasion of children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews on Sunday afternoon. Bring on Monday so I can have a rest.

Thank you for reading.

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