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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 November 2012

We have had a great day today. This afternoon my nephew Shane and his wife Ellice came to visit with my two great nieces, it has been about three years since I last saw them. They live in Queensland and Rihanna was only a baby at the time of the last visit, and Addison is the newest addition to the family, gorgeous little girls. Another nephew, Shane’s younger brother Darrin, was with them.

During the course of the afternoon, my son Blake joined us, then Ryan and two of his children, and finally Kane and his wife Kristin and their four children, three of my sons and six of my grandchildren, I was happy with that. The children all got on quite well, and it was a great opportunity for my sons to catch up with their cousins.

Unfortunately Bailey is ill with gastro so he and his mother Melissa could not attend, Wade and Gink had other plans, and Blake was unable to bring his daughter Jade, but nevertheless a lovely afternoon with some of my extended family. Blake had to leave early but everyone else stayed and we had pizza for tea.

As nice as it is to have the family around, it is just as nice when they go home, they wear me out. Anyway the entire process will be repeated this Saturday for my birthday, hear that everyone, MY BIRTHDAY, but this time hopefully with my entire family present. Where have the years gone, fifty is becoming a distant memory and sixty is becoming a little too close for comfort. Still it is much more preferable to the alternative.

Brian has a head start on me tonight, he is already in bed, breathing deeply, very deeply, so I had better hit the sack before the full orchestra gets in to swing. Thank you for reading.

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