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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..20 November 2012

More than half way through November and no sign of things slowing down at work, that is a good thing. Tomorrow is meant to be my day off but I will be working, I only hope I catch up by Friday night, I usually do.

We certainly have no need to look for work, it is just dropping into our laps, another very good thing as I am getting the new groups which means my hours are building. Most weeks lately I have worked four days and I think that will become the norm early in the New Year. The way things are going it will not be long before I am working full-time again.

Graham’s Goodies is progressing nicely as well, although it is a shame that some products do not ship to Australia as that is affecting my business.  Since I changed the way I advertise things have started to look up, but I could always do with some more Facebook “Likes”, not to mention that the more people “Share” my posts the better.

My blog following is slowly growing as well, it never ceases to amaze me where my readers are from, they are scattered all over the world which is great.

That’s it for me tonight. Thank you for reading.

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