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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 November 2012


Thoughts of a middle-aged man, today is my 54th birthday, how many more years will I be able to say that before I make the transition to “Thoughts of an old man”. I think I have a few good years in me yet.

Tomorrow is the day I am really looking forward to as my four sons and their families will all be here for lunch, although I did speak to most of them today. Note I said “most of them”, there is one son who may not be in the will if he doesn’t turn up tomorrow as I have not heard from him all day. If I know him his thought process would be, “I’ll see the old man tomorrow so I’ll wish him a happy birthday then”. I won’t say which son, he will know.

I have been inundated with best wishes from family, friends, and Facebook friends, and I thank you all for taking just that little bit of time to wish me well…..I hope you are reading this son. As I type I can see that he is reading the messages I have been receiving all day, but still nothing.

This week has been the busiest I have had in a long time at work so some rest and recreation is due this weekend. Next week is already shaping up to be another busy one and as I have not slept well all week, hang on I thought you needed less sleep as you got older, it is time for me to say “Goodnight”. Thank you for reading.

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