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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 November 2012


You know what they say about the best laid plans, well today did not go quite as I had planned. We started off on track, I was up early to go to the shops as I had to buy supplies for the family lunch celebrating my birthday, but before long things started to go array.

I was in a good mood, looking forward to a lovely day with my family en route to my first stop at Coles Port Adelaide, on the way I received am SMS from Ryan to tell me his daughter was not well and they would be unable to make lunch. Oh well I thought, you get that, it can’t be helped if Calais is sick and quite rightly Ryan did not want to spread whatever it was she had. I arrived at the shops and cut down slightly on what I bought to cater for the smaller group, and then home to throw it all together, nothing extravagant, just some salads and cold meat.

As usual Blake and his daughter Jade were first on the scene, and Blake bought his new girlfriend Kim to meet the family, she seems a lovely girl and is very good with Jade. Jade gave me a cute card she had made. Blake asked if everyone else was coming so I told him about Ryan, and also that Kristin had called to say they would be late, nothing unusual about that.

Not long after Wade and Gink arrived and then another call from Kristin to say they shouldn’t be much longer. Waiting, waiting, waiting, then another call from Kristin to say we should start without them as they would be really late.

We sat down to a lovely meal, pleasant chat, and then put the food away to wait for Kane, Kristin and their children. Another phone call, this time from Kane, his car had broken down and he was stranded so Brian hopped into his car and went to the rescue courtesy of Mr RAA, only to find his membership had lapsed as he forgot to renew. Dad’s turn, I apologised to my guests and explained I had to leave. As they all know I am there whenever they need me, all understood no questions asked.

I duly arrived and we called the RAA who were quite quick today, diagnosis, the fuel pump was gone, Kane was going nowhere, and naturally it was too late to buy a new fuel pump today. Kane called Kristin to pick him up as he had a trailer to tow as well and I don’t have a towbar, so I left and came home. Kane and Kristin did not make it down, he was stuffed so I am told him to go home and chill out, as tomorrow he has to buy and install a fuel pump.

So much for my birthday lunch, maybe next year. Thank you for reading.

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