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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 November 2012


You just never know what each day is going to bring, it seems that for every step my kids take forward they take another straight back.

Anyway before we get onto that I received an email first thing this morning from my Auntie commenting on one of my recent blogs and how she had enjoyed it. In signing off she mentioned she was looking forward to catching up with me at an upcoming event for my mother, as this event is being organised by my siblings I know nothing about it, apparently I am not part of the family. I could go on but quite honestly they are not worth wasting my time with.

The day continued as planned, I went to see Kane’s children in their school concert, I don’t think they believed I was going as when they saw me they were over the moon. As expected my grandchildren were the pick of the bunch, not that I am at all biased. On the downside the school hall was not well air-conditioned and I have never been in a room with so many overweight people, with so many tattoos and such bad body odour, and so few teeth. I am no oil painting but at least I make an effort.

Later as Brian and I were about to sit down to dinner we got a call from Kane’s wife Kristin to say Kane had been in a car accident, he was OK but his car is a write off, and would we mind picking him up. Would I mind, well as you can imagine all sorts of things were going through my mind so I was in the car in a flash and off to pick him up.

Fortunately Kane is fine, his spirits have taken a battering, not the sort of thing you need anytime but particularly so close to Christmas. Never mind Son you are a fighter, it will all work itself out, the main thing is that you are OK.

My thanks go out to the Universe for keeping Kane safe. Thank you for reading.

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