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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 November 2012


Yet another very busy day at the office with no sign of things slowing down, the silly season is upon us. Just three more weeks till we shut down for the Xmas break, and it looks like I will be going at full pace right to the end, and then hit the ground running in the New Year. At least the time flies, being busy is much more preferable to the alternative so I am not complaining, just sharing.

We do not usually conduct meetings in December but with so many new corporations coming on board I have little choice, I will be having meetings right up to the last week. Fortunately for me most of these will have their 2013 meetings a little earlier.

I had a terrible night’s sleep last night, the warm weather was not conducive to a good sleep, and the evaporative air conditioner struggled a bit. It does not bode well for when Summer really hits, I can only hope for yet another mild summer. Please!

I would love to relocate to a more moderate climate but moving away from my sons and my grandchildren is not an option, if it were we would be in Tasmania. Brian and I have holidayed in Tasmania twice and were completely enchanted by it. Hobart is clearly years behind mainland Australia, but that is what makes it so livable, and the restaurants, absolutely superb. The only food I tried that I did not like was a local delicacy, a scallop pie, truly revolting.

I think it time this middle-aged man took his wrinkly old body to bed, I need my beauty sleep. Thank you for reading.

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