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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 December 2012


Today was supposed to be all about Christmas shopping, and while we did knock off a couple more there is still a few to do. We went to Tea Tree Plaza, I haven’t been there in years, what a rat race, and then to the Ingle Farm Shopping Centre.

Brian had won a meal voucher to The Grove Tavern at Golden Grove so we headed there for lunch. Not only was the service from the kitchen extremely slow, and they were not that busy, but the meal was nothing to rave about either.

As we were over shopping but not ready to call it a day, we decided to cruise around and stop at whatever open inspection we could find, no harm in window shopping. There is a house we have had our eye on which happened to be open so we checked that out, it looked much more impressive on the internet. For such a beautiful day there were surprisingly few homes open today, and nothing at all that tickled our fancy.

There was one particular real estate agent who is very lucky I cannot remember which company he works for. As we pulled up he happened to be closing and as I hadn’t noticed I opened the car door to get out when Brian mentioned he was packing up. This guy was not six feet from where I was and he did not even acknowledge us, rude sod.

I know everyone thinks their own home is worth more than it is, but most of what we have seen lately are over priced. I know the agents start high so you can negotiate but some border on the ridiculous, the prices are quite unrealistic.

When we got home I did a couple of loads of washing and had a Papa nap while Brian visited a friend, and that was Saturday. Thank you for reading.

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