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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 December 2012


I saw a couple of things today that are just beyond my comprehension, how some people can be so blatantly stupid is beyond me. Firstly a young girl, no more than nine years old, hanging on for grim life on the back of a motorbike. Now at least an adult can generally get a grip around the person riding the motorbike, but this child ‘s arms could not fit around the rider if she tried. I can only assume the rider was her father, I can’t help but wonder just who he would blame if anything were to happen to his child. I know who I would blame.

Next, and as I was driving through Smithfield I should not really be surprised, this idiot drove his four-wheel drive out of the Smithfield Hotel swigging on a stubby of beer. Where is a policeman when you need one?

Immediately prior to this I had been at Hungry Jacks in Munno Para for the fifth birthday party of my granddaughter Jade. Three of my sons and their families were there, Wade and Gink did not attend, and I can only assume that Bailey thinks he is too old for a five years olds birthday party, and I suppose he is. Still I haven’t seen him for a while, Christmas is coming Bailey, you don’t want Father Christmas to think you don’t believe any more 🙂

I also went to the nursing home to visit Mum but she was out like a light. She has yet another infection and the medication they give here sends her to Lala land, she has no idea I was even there.

Back to work tomorrow on what is normally my day off so I had better get some sleep. Thank you for reading.

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