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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..3 December 2012


Today I barely had time to catch my breath, busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow will be a very long day as my appointments start at 9.00, and I have an AGM at 6.00 which will go a little longer than usual as it the first meeting with a new corporation. Brian is meeting a friend for dinner so it will be takeaway on the way home for me.

We got a little surprise in the mail today, a speeding fine. Fortunately for us it was in the car that one of my sons has borrowed, whose been a naughty boy?

Brian and I have become interested in a television show from the UK about morbidly obese people, and I mean morbidly obese, people between 25 and 57 stone, not sure what that is in kilograms as I am still old school. I just cannot understand how people can let themselves get into that state, unless there is a medical condition involved. It is one of those shows that can be quite sickening to watch but the voyeur inside just takes over.

Tonight I had a long chat with an old and very dear friend, who quite frankly has had a pretty crappy year. I know nothing can make up for what you and your family have lost this year, but I hope that in 2013 things at least get a little easier.

For some unknown reason readership of my blog has taken off this week, not that I am complaining, I am grateful to anyone that finds my rambling entertaining. Sometimes I read it back before I hit the Publish button of no return and I think, what a load of old cobblers, but if old cobblers is what you like, please enjoy. Thank you for reading.

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