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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 December 2012


I am feeling quite relaxed tonight, I did get a lot done today but I did not push myself, I actually feel like I have had a rest and I am ready for another busy week. Brian went out this morning and spent most of the day with a friend so I did the washing and ironing and read my book.

This afternoon my son Ryan returned the Magna that he and his fiancée have borrowed for the last four months, it looks immaculate, he completely detailed it which he is very good at. Check out his Facebook page Tha Game Auto Detailing, he made the old girl look like new. Anyway he and Melissa, along with Cody and Calais, stayed and visited for a while, unfortunately Bailey was not with them.

Number one son Kane had a car accident the other week, so after Ryan giveth Kane taketh. The Magna is now on its way to Elizabeth East for a holiday as Kane is borrowing it until he can fix his own car. It makes me feel good inside to be able to help my children when they have need; it is fortunate that Brian got a new car courtesy of his promotion.

It is teeth chatteringly cold outside in North Haven tonight. When we were seeing Kane and his family off I was shivering and glad to get back inside my nice cosy little house. Brian and I realised just how nice and cosy the house is tonight, it is now so full it is starting to feel like it is closing in around us, we can’t wait to buy something with a little more space.

Tonight we watched a piece on television about Professor Graeme Clark, the inventor of the cochlear implant. It was a very moving story, and one that touched our hearts as we watched small children and adults alike hear for the first time. Personally we have a lot to thank this great man for, for without his invention our own granddaughter Caitlin, who was left completely deaf  after an attack of pneumococcal meningitis, would herself be unable to hear.

We take so much for granted in this life, we forget about the daily struggles of so many others. Thank you for reading.

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