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Thoughts of a middle aged man….10 December 2012


In the words of Pink, “I’ve had a s#it day”.  It started this morning when I woke up at 6.00 am to a call of nature and then could not get back to sleep, my mind started thinking about all the things I had to do at the office. By the time I got up I had thought everything through and I had high hopes for the day ahead.

The drive in was quite easy, the traffic was light and I was making record time, and then I got to Scotty’s corner and the lights turning right into Nottage Terrace were not working, I was stuck there for 15 minutes until I finally was able to change lanes and head on down Main North Road, not before I knocked my rear view mirror on the truck next to  me.

Onwards down Main North Road to the Regency Road intersection and another turn right, 10 minutes this time as the traffic was so banked up. By this time I was starting to worry about being late for work, I don’t know why as there would have been no ramifications, then paranoia set in.

I arrived at work around 9.02 but it was too late, my mind was playing with my head, and I was convinced I was in for a bad day. Naturally things went from bad to worse, everything I touched turned to crud. I deleted files I wanted, could not find others, frustration took over and I was a goner. Fortunately for me I got things back on track and the afternoon was fairly uneventful, but there are busy days ahead.

Brian and I have found a new television show we quite like, The New Normal, it is about a single mother’s life as she becomes a surrogate for a gay couple. Not something we would have done, particularly as I have four children, but it is a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of other shows.

I need a good night’s sleep, I do not want tomorrow to be a repeat of today. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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