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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 December 2012


Today was definitely a better day than yesterday, I slept better, I woke up in a better mood, I had a better run into work, and everything just seemed to fall in place. Although I have not yet caught up I did put a big dent in my workload, but I am still working tomorrow.

I do not remember a week where I have received so many emails, nor so many phone calls. It is like everyone is clearing their desks ready for the Xmas break, but it is all coming my way. I also received news of a new 50 lot corporation coming my way early in the New Year.

Tonight I had my first meeting with a new group we have recently taken over from a rival strata management company. I was absolutely astounded by some of the rubbish these people had been told, still it made me look even better so thank you very much.

A word of warning, watch out for a hoax email from a Doctor Liu Tang from the Bank of India, the subject says, “Matter of Urgency” and it claims to be about a business transaction. It certainly looks suspicious to me so I suggest deleting it.

I am tired of getting calls from operators with Indian accents as well telling me there is a problem with my computer, we get at least three of these a month, sometimes on the same night. My Dad gets these calls as well, he has never owned a computer in his life.

Another busy day tomorrow so time to hit the sack. Brian has already beaten me to it, he had a big day as well. Thank you for reading.

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