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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 December 2012


Did you miss me, my apologies about last night we went to Ryan and Melissa’s to  babysit Calais and didn’t get home until 2.00 am, a bit late to be writing. Both Brian and I fell asleep on two very comfortable recliners, and Calais was perfectly behaved as aways, she is gorgeous. On the way home we did something we have not done for years, a late night burger run, hot and delicious from the new Hungry Jacks on the Port Expressway.

Today we took Wade and Gink to the airport as they are holidaying in Sydney for a few days. Judging by the latest posts on Facebook they are already having a wonderful time, it is Wade’s first time in Sydney.

This afternoon we did the grocery shopping, had a nap, and I did some washing as we are out all day tomorrow at my work Xmas function. Brian is currently downstairs watching James Bond, the acting is terrible as are the props, but he is happy which is what matters.

Like thousands of others I have shed a tear today for the families, friends and victims of the tragic massacre in the USA, another senseless slaughter of innocents. As a parent and grandparent I could not help but be moved, the thought of kissing your children goodbye only to have them slaughtered hours later is unbelievable.

As is usual the perpetrator of this heinous crime is not alive to face the justice system, the coward having taken his own life. One cannot imagine what a troubled mind this young man must have had to murder not only his own mother but so many innocent children and school staff.

What will it take for the people and the government of the USA to realise they have it wrong, the gun laws must be changed. How many more families and communities must be torn apart before the US government decides to do something constructive.

As I have said many times we are indeed fortunate to be living in a country that has such strict gun laws and yet we have freedom. Why do people in the US persist in believing that freedom means the right to bear guns. Wake up America, petition your government for change before another senseless slaughter.

Thank you for reading.

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