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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 December 2012


What a lovely afternoon we had today. We had my work Xmas function at the home of my bosses, two wonderful people who made us all feel very welcome. Great food, great company, a really pleasant and relaxing afternoon. Bridgette who is Janet’s assistant showed off an unknown talent, she made the most amazing ginger bread house I have ever seen, it seemed such a shame to destroy it, but destroy it we did. As a good diabetic I had never tried  home-made ginger so I could not resist, it tasted as good as it looked, as was the pavlova that our “Filing Fairy” Judy made, not that I sampled that, too much sugar 🙂

When we got home we did as we normally do and fell asleep on our respective lounges, I can only imagine the cacophony that emanated from our little house for the next couple of hours, poor neighbours.

I was quite annoyed by a news item I heard the other day about the Foodland and IGA supermarket chains  here in Adelaide wanting licenses to sell alcohol, I know this is common overseas, but really why would we want to copy overseas. I think that alcohol is too readily available as it is, as I have said before with the level of street violence and the carnage on our roads the last thing we need is more places to buy alcohol.

I have one more thing to say about the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and that is to pay tribute to the brave young school teacher who lost her life trying to save the lives of her students, she is a true hero. Her family should be very proud. Thank you for reading.

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