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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 December 2012


Tonight I had my last meeting for the year, an Inaugural General Meeting with a new corporation. Tomorrow I will type up the minutes and then I can tidy a few other things up and start preparing for another year. There is one thing that makes me laugh, there is always someone who says they did not receive the meeting notices, or did not know they had bought into a community corporation, has never been given a copy of the by-laws, or all of the above. Your neighbours all received theirs.

I had a struggle finding somewhere to get some takeaway on the way home, all the decent takeaway shops on Semaphore Road are closed on Monday nights, most inconvenient when you have to work late. It gave me the opportunity to find somewhere new, which I did in Port Adelaide, and the pizza was very nice thank you very much.

The Xmas cards have started to arrive, everyone seems to get later and later every year. Brian and I are not big Xmas card people but we do try to respond to everyone that acknowledges us. Facebook seems to be taking over, as it is in many instances. I am sure that on Xmas Day there will be millions of messages going all over the world, and yes mine will be right there amongst them.

We don’t have much left to do in the way of Xmas shopping, just our mothers and my son Blake’s girlfriend, and each other. I think I will just send Mum some flowers to the nursing home, it may not be very original but at least it will give her something pretty to look at for  while. It is Brian’s job to wrap the presents which he hasn’t started yet, so tomorrow night is the night, the Xmas tree will be quite full.

We still have one big expense, the Xmas feast, we have been buying the meat week by week and I will spend Xmas eve cooking, and then Xmas day preparing the salads for the Boxing Day onslaught. I would not miss it for the world, Brian, my sons, and my grandchildren are my world and I would be lost without even one of them. Xmas is for children and the looks on the faces of our little cherubs is worth more than anything money can buy.

Thank you for reading.


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