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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 December 2012

Tonight we picked up Wade and Gink from the airport as they returned from holiday in Sydney. It was Wade’s first time in Sydney and the boys had a great time, they seemed to cram quite a bit into their short break.

This reminds me of the time Brian and I took Blake and Wade to Melbourne, it was their first plane trip and their first time in Melbourne. Wade would have been 13 tops and he had a great time in the spa bath in our suite, which he flooded, and he kept ordering dry robes, which the hotel ran out of. It was a small boutique hotel in Chinatown and Wade literally used all their bath robes.

As it was his first time away he bought some souvenirs to bring home but unfortunately he left them in a taxi, and that as they say in the classics, was that. He assured me he did not make the same mistake this time, which is just as well as his tastes a little more expensive than they were 10 years ago.

I recall sitting with Wade and Blake on the plane as I thought that Wade in particular might get a  tad stressed, but they both loved the flights, particularly take-off and landing. They were much braver than I was on my first flight, I had a brandy and a couple of Valium to calm me down. I still don’t like flying but sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns. During my days at Solver Paints and then Wattyl Paints I travelled all over the country training and doing software installations, and although I loved the work, I never enjoyed the flight.

That’s it from the big woosie tonight. Thank you for reading.

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