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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 December 2012


Brian’s back pain has flared again, while he lives with pain and understands he always will, the last few days have been particularly trying for him. This morning I had to help him on with his socks and trousers, and although he went to work he was home by lunch time. Fingers crossed he is better tomorrow as he has been asleep and resting for some time thanks to some pain relief, it is difficult to see someone you love in pain.

He did get some good news today, as a result of his efforts yesterday another unit has been sold at Masonic‘s Ridgehaven village. Brian is not in sales but due to circumstances yesterday he needed to show a couple around, and they were so impressed with him they signed up today.

Tomorrow is my last day of work this year, I will be returning from leave on 14 January. Touch wood I will be leaving the office with a clean slate, I have worked my butt off to be in this position and I am rightly pleased. I have a letter to write, minutes to post, meeting notices to go out, all of which are just waiting for their final touches tomorrow as I have been held up by third parties.

I was given a bottle of wine by one of our regular contractors today which I know Brian and I will enjoy. In days gone by with a former employer I would not have been allowed to accept such a gift, some people are just miserable.

Brian has a healthy, if somewhat nasally beat going in the background, so I had best try to get some sleep before he is at full throttle. Thank you for reading.

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