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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 December 2012


Day one of my annual leave and I did get my sleep in. When I did get up I stripped the bed and did some washing, and then just lazed around and read the book Brian bought me for my birthday, it finally arrived from Amazon the other day.

The book is called The Final Curtsey and it is a biography written by a cousin of Queen Elizabeth. As it is a book predominantly about royalty it is right up my alley and should not take me too long to read. For that very reason I went to the Port Adelaide library this afternoon to look for further books to keep me busy during my annual leave. What a waste of time, this is a terrible library, next to no books, poorly organised and very difficult to find the subject you are looking for, I shan’t waste my time again.

A little later I hear a knock at the door and it is a young foreign guy wanting to talk to me from Origin Energy. I politely told him I was not interested but this kid would not take the hint. I told him at least four times before I was ready to blow my stack and I just said goodbye and walked away from the door.

This afternoon I went to see Dad and my stepmother for Xmas, I always try to be upbeat as my stepmother’s illness is taking its toll on Dad, and she has deteriorated more each time I see her, Alzheimer’s is a truly terrible disease. I know that inside she is still the woman I have always known, but the outer shell shows no more of the strength and dignity she once had, it is very sad.

On the way home I went and checked our lotto from last week and we had a small win, a win is a win thank you very much. Fingers crossed for the big one coming up in a couple of weeks. They say money can’t buy happiness but if you are already happy with your lot it can’t hurt.

I notice that the world did not end today, surprise, surprise! Just as well as I have a lot that I still want to do in this life.

Tomorrow is going to be a scorcher here in Adelaide so I will not be venturing far, although we do have a pre-Xmas party tomorrow night. That’s it from me for tonight, have a great weekend, and thank you for reading.

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