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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 December 2012


Today was a bit of a crappy one, I woke up in an odd mood and it just stayed that way, I wouldn’t say I was in a bad mood but I certainly wasn’t in a good one. The next couple of days will be quite busy so maybe a good night’s sleep will help. Tomorrow I have to buy the vegetables for the Xmas salads and buy Brian’s mother a crayfish, as well as some pickled octopus and calamari for us, I bought the prawns and the oysters today.

A reminder to self to defrost all the meat for Boxing Day and put the drinks in the fridge, finish the washing and wash the floors, and I thought I was on holidays. Something simple for tea tomorrow night, a stir fry I think, Brian always enjoys my stir fry.

We went to see Mum at the nursing home for Xmas, and by the way I did settle on flowers for her which she seemed to like. As usual I found the visit difficult, I do not enjoy visiting the nursing home. Mum was not in her room when  we arrived and I found her in the television room and wheeled her back to her room, but not after some nasty old bloke started telling me I had no right to be wheeling Mum anywhere, who did I think I was touching her princess chair as it is not mine it belongs to the nursing home, sod off.

Mum finds it hard to stay on track and have a conversation, she gets very confused even when telling you about close family, she forgets names and the events become quite a jumble. Apparently she is going to see the Xmas lights somewhere on the bus, another one of her pipe dreams I think.

The other day I started pricing the accessories I will need once I get my racing pigeons again, feed troughs , water fountains, everything seemed to be a round $30.  It was almost like someone thought how much will we price these things at, oh it’s too hard, make everything about $30.

Its getting late and I need to sleep this mood off so I’m  ready to face the next few days. Thank you for reading.


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