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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 December 2012


Turkey cooked, lamb cooked, beef cooked, pork cooked, salads almost ready for tomorrow. Today has not really seemed like Xmas without my sons and grandchildren, but tomorrow will be a different story.

Brian, his mother and I did have a lovely lunch, crayfish, prawns, oysters, marinated octopus and pickled calamari, with a nice dipping sauce I whipped up. Dinner was not as big, we didn’t need it. Not much to drink either as I am not a big drinker, I think I overdid it in my teenage years. That seems so long ago now I can hardly remember them, god I’m becoming an old fart.

I have spoken to two of my boys, one of my daughter-in-laws, and three of my grandchildren, I got messages from the other two boys. I have also spoken to Brian’s brother Ian and his partner Gail tonight, Ian is a little worse for wear but he had a good day.

I don’t feel like I have sat down all day, I have spent most of it cooking and the rest of it eating. It is just as well my doctor weighed me yesterday as I had lost weight then, I think I will need an extra jog around the block…..Who am I kidding, I don’t jog anywhere.

Sweet stuff all on television tonight, just repeats of repeats of repeats, how many times can you watch Home Alone or the Carry On gang?

Yet another shooting tragedy in te USA today, more innocent victims of a gutless madman, when will it stop? At the other end of the spectrum was the Queen’s Xmas message, very nice the way she remembered to acknowledge the many volunteers that helped out at the Olympics and the Paralympics. It is easy to forget she is 86 years old, she does not look her age at all and she still speaks with that air of authority and puspose that only she has. Even if you are not a monarchist you could not help but respect her.

The kids will be here for lunch tomorrow and we have a very busy morning ahead of us so early to bed tonight. Merry Xmas all and thank you for reading.


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