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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 December 2012

I had quite a productive day today, some weeding, some washing, washed the floors, vacuumed the carpets, and then I relaxed with my book, and I had a little nap, but just a little one as Brian came home just after I nodded off. I also paid my car registration, did my BAS, and surfed YouTube, such a hard life.

I heard something on the news tonight I was not aware of, as of 1 January the Australian government is cutting payments to single parents with school age children by up to $110 per week, apparently they are being transferred to Newstart, ie, the dole. Now I have mixed feelings on this, yes I agree that some of these parents, and most of them are mothers, could go back into the work force which would not only relieve our welfare system, but also help them towards independence, but then again do we have the jobs available to employ these people?

I also heard that 300 public servants have been assigned to “assist” 84,000 welfare recipients during this time, big deal, what can 300 people do? When I was unemployed I could not receive welfare payments as Brian earnt a little too much, that is all well and good and I did not complain, what I did complain about was the lack of assistance I received in finding employment. Centrelink were not interested as I was not on welfare, none of the employment agencies sent me for even one interview so they were a waste of time, and as for Worskil, do not even get me started, absolutely useless, so what help will 300 people be?

I have always been of the belief that if you really want a job you can get one, but having been unemployed this year for some months I have reevaluated my thoughts on that. It is all well and good to try and coerce these people into gainful employment, but there must be jobs available.

Let’s face it, these people are raising children, and I am sure that some of them would jump at the chance to supplement their income with part-time employment. In my opinion the bigger drain on the welfare system is those people collecting a disability pension who are quite capable of working, I am sure we all know someone who is rorting the system, I know I do.

Then there is the bigger question, that of many people, not just those that are supposed to be disabled or are single parents, that are still being paid “under the counter”, cash for work, and therefore not paying any tax but are still on the welfare system. That is what we should be stamping out.

That is my opinion. Thank you for reading.

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