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Thoughts of a middle aged man….29 December 2012


Brian and I hit the shops today as we have some gift vouchers to use. We did not find very much we liked and all we came away with was two pairs of shorts each, and I got a new bag for work. Shopping is not my idea of fun but what else can you do when you have vouchers to use. Brian wants to go out again tomorrow…..Yay!

Double James Bond tonight, lucky me. Roger Moore was the worst James Bond ever, and the movies are so dated, but I am looking forward to Skyfall with Daniel Craig, he has made James Bond his.

I don’t know what I will do for the next few days, I have one chapter left in my current book and I can’t go to the library until 4 January as they are shut. Shutting the library at this time of year is simply stupid, Brian keeps telling me to read this or that book we have in our collection but I don’t read fiction.

I think the time has come, I know I said I would never do it but there comes a time when a man just has to accept defeat, I think it’s time I invested in an e-reader, besides e-books are cheaper and I don’t have to scroll through poorly stocked library shelves, that are even more poorly laid out, oh for the good old days. Book shops are also becoming as scarce as hen’s teeth, and if I buy a book on-line I have to wait weeks for it. Yep, I see no choice.

I’m starting to waffle now which is not interesting to anyone so that’s it from me tonight. Over and out. Thank you for reading.

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