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Thoughts of a middle aged man….31 December 2012


2012 has certainly been a year of mixed blessings for my family, we started the year as we always do celebrating my son Ryan’s birthday on 2 January, this year was his 30th. In typical Ryan fashion he surprised us all by proposing to his now fiancée Melissa, things were looking good. Ryan and Melissa have had a tumultuous year, Ryan has been unable to find full-time employment, while Melissa scored the job of her dreams late in the year. Keep plodding on guys, 2013 must surely be your year.

My other children have also had their ups and downs, number one son Kane 33 changed jobs mid year and things are looking up for him, despite a minor car accident a few weeks ago. Number 3 son Blake 25 spent a  few months living in Melbourne but thankfully he is back in Adelaide and his wrestling school seems to be taking off, his personal life is also looking more promising. As for number 4 Wade 24, he has probably had the best year of them all, he still is not working full-time but he and his partner Gink started living together and all looks good.

My grandchildren are continuing to thrive, Caitlin 9  had a bit of s setback being diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency but she is taking it all in hers stride, she is one tough littler cookie. The other seven Bailey 12, Cody 9, Alyssa 7, Jayden 5, Jade 5,m Zak 2 and Calais 16 months are all a joy to behold, we are a very lucky family.

I lost my job in February, it came like bolt out of the blue and turned into quite an unpleasant experience, but one door closes and another one opens, and inJuly I commenced my present employment and things are looking good. I stared at 3 days per week which is about to go to 4 days per week, and then hopefully 5 days shortly thereafter.

Brian’s back pain continues to plague him but professionally he has had an excellent year getting an unepxected promotion mid year. He loves the work he is doing now managing two retirement villages, one at Ridgehaven and the other at Northgate. This came at just the right time for Brian and for the first time he feels that he has a career rather than just a job.

Brin and I had a reasonable year, we had lots of little wins on the lotto, I am sure the big one is coming, and definitely more ups than downs. We celebrated our 11th anniversary and have lots of plans for the next twelve to eighteen months, I just know 2013 will be our year.

Mum’s health took a bit of a tumble, we thought we were going to lose her mid year but she bounced back, although she has not fully recovered in my opinion. Dad and my stepmother were forced to sell their home and move to a retirement village as my stepmother’s Alzheimer’s has really got her, it is quite sad,and has taken quite a toll on Dad as well, he certainly does not look as robust as he once did.

That’s it from me for 2012. I would like to thank all my readers for your support and I hope you will continue to follow my ramblings in 2013. Have a wonderful New Year and stay safe.


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