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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..31 January 2013

Today is the last day of January 2013, how fast did that go? A lot faster than the next 8 months of political  muck raking will go, and to add fuel to the fire here in South Australia the state Liberal Party leader Isobel Redmond has resigned. At least the party will have time to regroup before the 2014 state election.

As for the Craig Thomson saga, I hope the police have got it right and they are not crucifying an innocent man. Is it a case of thou protesteth too much, only time will tell,  if he is guilty at least it will be over.

Three words sum up today, busy, busy, busy. It is amazing what a difference just one day off can make, my desk looks like a bomb has hit it and I normally pride myself on a tidy desk. Not that I will be too heartbroken if I don’t catch up tomorrow, as that will mean a four-day week next week.

Mental note to self, warning to others, KFC at Port Adelaide, absolutely hopeless. For some reason the food at this store just does not taste the same, and the service is woeful, Colonel Sanders would be spinning in his grave.

Tonight Brian and I watched the first two episodes of the new season of Glee, that’s right, I am a gleek, give me a show with singing and dancing and I am hooked. I have to admit to being pretty disappointed though, the writers are killing this show with the pathetic storylines. Get back to the basics of singing and dancing, you have a really talented cast but you are doing nothing for their careers, each season just gets sillier. How many people have I let down with that confession? 🙂

Enough of my banter for one night. Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 January 2013

Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard announced an election for 14 September 2013, hallelujah, a change of government is overdue. Julia Gillard may go down in history as the first female Prime Minister of Australia, but she will also be the only female Prime Minister who did not win an election in her own right. If the Labour Party want any hope of winning this election they must change their leader. I know the elections are supposed to be about the party more than the person, but the reality is that both are equally important to the voter, and to some the person is more important.

On a lighter note I have not been feeling the best today, a bit of a tummy upset I think although it has calmed down tonight. I was not all that hungry at dinner and have drunk very little all day, it did not stop me though, I got everything done I wanted, the washing and the ironing, and cooked dinner.

Today was my day off so back to work tomorrow. I am really over working three days per week, another day would be good, I know it is coming it is just a matter of when. I do have a number of new corporations coming in the next few weeks so hopefully by the end of February things will be looking up.

I am really quite pleased I let Brian talk me into buying the hard drive recorder for the television, it has come in quite handy already. Tonight we have taped another two shows that I will watch on my next day off, much better than sitting in an uncomfortable chair glued to YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube I might just have a quick look before I go to bed, so that’s it for tonight. Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 January 2013

I read in Majesty magazine this morning that Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands has announced she will abdicate in favour of her son on 30 April 2013. I believe that her mother Queen Juliana, and her grandmother Queen Wilhelmina both abdicated in favour of their heirs, not something one can imagine a British monarch doing, particularly Elizabeth II. Queen Beatrix will apparently become Princess Beatrix, I believe Queen Mother would be more appropriate but I do not understand the Dutch system of royalty.

Flat out like a lizard drinking, that pretty well sums up today. I had another Inaugural General Meeting tonight, and again I did not get a quorum which means an adjourned meeting, very frustrating for me and the owners who do attend. It can be a hard sell explaining to these owners why the corporation has been set up the way it has, and to justify the expenses, but most people understand it is not our doing and are quite reasonable once it is explained.

It was great to see Matt and Mick, the father and son team from Tasmania on My Kitchen Rules do so well tonight, a lot of sour grapes from the other contestants though. You would think that after the praise from the professional judges, Manu Feildel and Pete Evans, the other contestants might just think they have it wrong. Good on the boys from Tasmania, they were gentlemen last night and gracious hosts this evening, I hope they go all the way.

My grandson Cody has a cracked tooth so today had his first dentist appointment. If you tell Cody something he takes you at your word, and if you go back on your word he lets you know. Today the dentist told him she would look but not touch, well guess what, she touched so Cody bit her and then berated her for telling him fibs. Further treatment will be done in hospital under an anaesthetic. Love that little boy.

Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 January 2013

Today we went to a friends for lunch and caught up with some old friends from my days at Solver Paints, and met some new friends. Carol hosted the lunch as a way of introducing us to her new “friend” Pete, who is somewhat of an amateur gourmet cook.

Lunch was lovely, a Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Tandoori Chicken and good old Aussie chops and salad followed by a fruit platter. The company was good and we had a great laugh, I had a couple of brandies or four and Brian drove home. The only downside to the afternoon being that Brian’s back is particularly bad again and we left a little earlier than we otherwise may have.

When we got home, you guessed it, we both had a little nap. I was only half asleep really and I did not let Brian sleep long as I knew he would be up all night. We did not have any dinner tonight, just some cheese and biscuits a little while ago as it feels like all we have done all weekend is eat. What a busy weekend we have had, back to work for a rest.

My Kitchen Rules is back, something new to watch, hallelujah, I am so sick of reruns. The precocious siblings from Queensland are already getting on my goat, as are the girls from New South Wales, with any luck both teams will be out early, and I doubt if they will be missed by the other contestants or the public.

Season 3 of Downton Abbey and Revenge start next week, two of my favourite shows. Brian and I have recently bought a hard drive recorder so I will not have to miss my shows when I have evening meetings. All I need now is the AFL and I will be a happy man.

Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 January 2013

What a beautiful summer day in Adelaide today. We had lunch with some of our extended family at The Sussex Hotel which was pleasant, it is always nice to catch up with family members we do not often see.  Todays get together was for the 75th birthday of my mother’s brother Phillip, his wife Carol was there, Mum’s youngest brother Bronte and his partner Raelene, as well as Mum’s sister Jacqui and her husband Trevor. My sister Carolyn and her husband Fred were also there, along with our cousin Sandi Mc.

We got home mid afternoon and then did as we usually do and fell asleep, after a big lunch and a few beers a nap was all I wanted. Consequently we had a late dinner tonight, nothing heavy or flash as I think we were both still a bit bloated from lunch.

It is not often that we watch 60 Minutes but each time we do Allison Langdon seems to be in some dangerous place reporting on the seedy side of society. Tonight she was in Sao Paulo in Brazil reporting on the kidnappings of ordinary people and the police that track them down and bring them safely home to the families, hopefully catching the culprits in the process.

It is not often I say this but I take my hat off to Allison, she is a brave and gutsy journalist who is not afraid to put herself out there on some very dangerous assignments in some very dangerous places, surely a Walkley Award can not be far away.

I have just read an article about Prince Harry in Majesty magazine, now he is in trouble for perceived flippant remarks about his recent military tour in Afghanistan. Give the Prince a break, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, so his comments may not be politically or militarily correct, so what, he put his life on the line for the people of Afghanistan, he was away from his family just like all the other servicemen and women, and he is a young man and young men are sometimes flippant. Get over it.

Another busy day for us tomorrow. Good night for now and thank you for reading.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 January 2013

Brian and I went to see Mum in the nursing home today, even though she looked a bit better than the last visit she is still not good. Mum is becoming increasingly confused and any conversation is becoming very difficult, today she said she wanted something nice to eat, and she added she had lots of nice food hidden around but could not remember where she hid it. The nursing staff told me she is refusing to eat and it is obvious she has lost weight.

On the way to the nursing home I wanted to check out a couple of new corporations I have recently picked up in Munno Para West, we found them, nothing much to write home about. The common property which is all we manage is almost non-existent, it makes you wonder why the developers set them up as such.

Next stop was the Munno Para Shopping Centre to put on our X-Lotto, an added bonus, a small win last week which paid for this week. Thank you very much Universe, greatly appreciated. On our way out of the shopping centre the horrible aroma of body odour, not us someone else, no excuse for that I am afraid, have a shower.

Not long after we arrived home Ryan and Melissa surprised us with a visit with Calais, they were here an hour or so, a nice visit as always, Calais is gorgeous and so full of beans. Brian went for a drive in Ryan’s new car then it was time for us to change for dinner.

We met good friends Jo and Kate for dinner and The Birkenhead Tavern, a lovely meal and great company. I was just in the mood for a wine tonight and I quite enjoyed it for a change, I am usually a brandy drinker but just lately I have turned more to beer and tonight was wine, not that I am a big drinker anyway.

That’s enough waffle from me tonight. Happy Australia Day. Thank you for reading.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 January 2013

You know sometimes it just does not pay to be nice, to do the right thing. During my lunch break today I went to the ATM to make a withdrawal, as I was getting there a young woman approached from the other direction so I did the gentlemanly thing and stood back so she could go first, a deliberate move which would have been obvious to a blind woman. Did I get an acknowledgement, a thank you, of course not. Women say that men are rude, but there are a lot of rude women out there as well.

I got a lot done at the office today, my phone did not ring until 11.00 which helped greatly, so I was able to clear some of my backlog. Just when I thought things were going smoothly in walks my boss and hands me a new corporation, a 60 unit retirement village, my third such village. This takes me up to nearly 700 lots and around 75 corporations.

We still have our ant problem here at home, the little buggers just keep coming despite the Ant Rid I have left all over the place. Tomorrow we will buy some surface spray and attack them from the outside as I know where they are getting in.

Brian and I have a very busy weekend this long weekend, and Brian has to go to the office for a couple of hours tomorrow which will give me time to do some washing so we can visit the boys and their families tomorrow.

Off to bed now. Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 January 2013

My day did not begin in a nice way today, when I got to the office I was bombarded by calls and problems from one particular corporation. It is even more frustrating when there is nothing you can really do as we only manage the Primary and the Secondary is managed elsewhere. The day did get better, and I did achieve a lot, but I still have a lot to do tomorrow.

We got a rude shock when we got home from work tonight, our electricity bill. Although he is now used to it Brian has in the past expressed some exasperation when I went around behind him turning appliances off, I bet he is glad I do it now. Despite our usage being less than at the same time last year, our bill has increased by $100 over the last quarter. We have never before had an increase like that.

It also appears that we are caught up in an invasion, an invasion of ants, our kitchen and laundry are covered in ants. I think a good dose of Ant Rid just might fix that problem, and the cooler weather should help as well, I suppose they are looking for food in the cool of the house.

I read an interesting article today, interesting to me anyway, should Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall be granted the title of Queen when the Prince of Wales ascends the throne. Personally I am in two minds, on the one hand she will be the wife of the King so why shouldn’t she be Queen. Then there is the other more historical strain of thought, which dictates that as she is a divorcee and not widowed, that she may not be entitled to be Queen, rather a Princess Consort. I am sure that when the time comes she will be Queen, if only by a special act of parliament.

It is great to see that over the next few days the weather in Adelaide will be quite mild, mid twenties for the forseeable future, although no rain. We can’t have everything, I am just glad not to have the hot conditions, not that we have had a really bad summer so far.

I’m starting to waffle so it is probably time I turned in. Good night and thank you for reading. By the way, have a good trip Joan.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 January 2013

At last my internet speed is back to normal, no more waiting for minutes for my screen to refresh, and I can get back on to YouTube.

Yesterday at the office I did something really stupid which completely slipped my mind when I was writing last night. Do not ask me how I did it as I have no idea, apparently I accidentally hit a “hot key” which turned the display on my screen upside down, can you imagine how disorientating that was, not to mention the frustration as I did not know what I had done so therefore had no idea how to correct it.

When in doubt shut down and reboot, surely that will fix it, it didn’t. It actually took me a good five to ten minutes to shut it down as even my mouse was doing the opposite to what it should have been doing. I called in my boss, she had not seen it before, next call was to our software support people who were able to tell me how to fix it, however I still had the problem of a mouse that would not cooperate.

If anyone had walked into my office at that point they would have thought I had gone nuts. I was standing behind my desk leaning over my screen so I could read it upside down telling my boss where to move the mouse, two minutes later all fixed, and I still don’t know how I did it, but at least I know how to fix it. 🙂

Today was my day off, nothing worth watching on the idiot box so I did some washing, read my book, and played on the internet…..Boring with a capital B. Now I am looking forward to the Australia Day long weekend as Brian and I are out and about all weekend, we will go to work next Tuesday for a rest.

Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 January 2013

Another day off tomorrow, roll on February, maybe then I can go to 4 days per week. Tonight I had an Inaugural General Meeting for a new corporation and did not achieve a quorum, it never ceases to amaze me how disinterested some people are but as soon as something goes wrong, or they think their levies are too high, they are not too busy then.

Today was Inauguration Day in the USA, fingers crossed that Mr Obama puts his money where his mouth is, lets hope he stomps all over the gun lobbyists. The arrogance of these people is astounding, they truly believe the USA is a better place because they have the right to bear arms. Wake up and smell the roses people, stop allowing your countrymen to be slaughtered by any wacko that can get a gun.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherall, so he thinks he can be Premier and Treasurer, a big ask for anyone, surely either of those roles warrant total dedication, and not part-time love. As for the Liberal Party, I may be a paid member but their stunt advertising for a Treasurer is just lame and pathetic, if that is the best we can do in opposition lord help us.

I got a bit of a shock driving to work this morning, sitting at a red light, blissfully unaware of life going on around me, another car sitting in the lane next to me. When the lights turned green we both got a shock when this moron on a motor bike sped between us and left us in his dust. I wonder whose fault it would have been if something tragic had happened?

Thank you for reading.