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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 January 2013


Brian and I had a lovely night last night with a small group of friends from my days at Solver Paints, and some “new” friends. It was a nice change to be out and about and not sitting at home on the couch on New Year’s Eve with just a cursory “Happy New Year” exchanged to each other come midnight.

Today we went down to Clayton Bay and had lunch with friends Jan and Harvey, but not before a stopover at the Strathalbyn Hospital to visit our sick friend Mary who has Parkinson’s Disease. Mary was not herself but I hope our visit gave her some reason to smile. Mary’s partner Marg was also there, these two very special ladies were a great comfort to me during a very lonely time in Clayton Bay when Brian and I were forced to live apart whilst running our businesses, and they remain firm friends.

As usual Brian and I took the opportunity for a quick drive around town to see what had changed and we happened to spy another old acquaintance standing looking out of his from window so we stopped and had a chat . Kevin seemed genuinely pleased to see us and as both he and I share a love of racing pigeons I told him about my plans to again take up the sport.

After a pleasant lunch with Jan and Harvey and their son Jason, another old friend Judy called in as she knew we would be there, it was great to catch up on the local gossip and Judy looked well, we had not seen her since we left Clayton Bay over two years previously.

It was a very long day for us, particularly after a very long day on new Year’s Eve , so we were pleased to collapse onto our respective lounges when we arrived home. Brian was pooped and went to bed a little after 8.00 and it is now 10.35 and I have the same idea.

Until tomorrow, thank you for reading.



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