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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 January 2013


Today is the 31st birthday of son number 2 Ryan, like all parents I don’t know where the years have gone, it only seems like to other day he was a baby. Then again, like all parents, he will always be my baby, he would hate hearing that ūüôā Early afternoon I went to see him and take him his birthday present, I arrived with lunch included and we had a lovely visit. Two of my grandchildren were home which was a bonus.

Back tracking slightly, before¬†I left home I checked the letterbox and behold I had a commission cheque from one of the companies that I am an affiliate for¬†through Graham’s Goodies, it wasnt much but it was my first cheque and I was excited. On the way to see Ryan I stopped to bank my cheque and the¬†bubble burst, it would cost me more to convert the cheque to Australian dollars than it was worth…..bugger! What to do, I have decided to bank the cheque anyway as any fees involved will be tax-deductible.

As I was thinking about leaving Ryan’s I got an SMS from my sister Carolyn to say that¬†Mum had taken a turn for the worst, and the¬†doctor believed she may only have a few days at most. Upon arrival at the nursing home I found Mum not looking very well, her breathing was shallow and¬†her pulse irregular, and her heart beat is weakening. I¬†spent all afternoon with her and before¬†I left she was looking a little better. We have been down a similar road with Mum before so we shall just have to wait and see.

I could see no point in moving her from the nursing home to the hospital as in my mind it would put her through unnecessary stress as the nursing home can do whatever the hospital can, and at least she is amongst her now meagre belongings, in a familiar place with staff that are fond of her, she is not just another old lady.

I think tomorrow will be another long day at the nursing home and I will also be babysitting my youngest granddaughter during the afternoon so that is it for me tonight. Thank you for reading.

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