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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..3 January 2013


I’m blowed if I know what to think now, the doctor saw Mum again today and said all her vitals are improving, yet she spent the entire day seemingly semi conscious mumbling and grumbling and then every now and then she would cry our “Help me!”. She is definitely not in a happy, safe place and she has no quality of life, it makes you wonder why she continues to hang on. I don’t want to sound callous but it was easier sitting there yesterday watching her breathe than it was today listening to her constant moaning. One got the impression she was at times having a conversation with someone, but it certainly was not anyone in the room with her, not physically anyway.

The whole thing is taking its toll on my sister Carolyn in particular as she is the closest to Mum, and she is also the one that cops all the crap from our other siblings, who do not talk to me. It is Carolyn and I that took the decision not to move Mum to a hospital, a decision that the nursing home staff and her doctor agree with. I think there is a reason that Mum picked us to handle her affairs over the other two, while we are obviously emotionally involved we are still able to make difficult, unselfish decisions.

Tomorrow will be 42 degrees in Adelaide, decidedly unpleasant by anyone’s standards, but I will go back to the nursing home and sit with Mum for a few hours. It is quite fortunate that I am on annual leave for another week, as one way or another we should be passed the worst of this present situation by the time I return to work.

This afternoon I did my babysitting duties looking after my youngest granddaughter Calais, she is a beautiful baby girl and full of personality, she has some very cute and extremely funny little habits. After eating her lunch she cuddled in to me until she was ready for her afternoon nap, she is priceless.

After Calais awoke from her nap she started playing with her toy dog that does backflips, and then she flicked her tongue as if to lick it much as a dog does. A few minutes later I was startled by a police siren which is on her toy quad bike that she had switched on. This little girl really knows how to keep here Papa on his toes.

Thank you for reading.


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