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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 January 2013

For a Saturday I was up very early this morning as I had to have a blood test whilst fasting, so I wanted to get to the doctor’s early to ensure I was first in, not such a good idea as it turned out. The nurse started shaking uncontrollably as she inserted the needle, quite disconcerting I can tell you. She was shaking so badly she said she could not continue and would get the clinic receptionist, who I assume is also a trained nurse, to finish taking my blood. While we were waiting she said she thought she had better change profession as this regularly happens to her. You can imagine how the other patients waiting for blood to be taken must have felt if they heard her ask the receptionist to take over as she had the shakes.

This afternoon Brian and I went to a surprise birthday lunch for my son Ryan, we  got to see three of my sons and four of my grandchildren. Lunch was at the Mawson Lakes Hotel, do yourself a favour and don’t bother going. My son Wade ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad which arrived minus the chicken. I ordered a Seafood Gumbo which was not gumbo just fettucine with a tomato sauce and some seafood, which would not have been too bad except that the prawns all had their shells completely in tact, I was expected to peel hot cooked prawns smothered in a tomato sauce. To top things off the bread at the salad bar was at least yesterday’s it was a dry as a …… ……, you know the expression so let’s leave it at that.

On the way home Brian happened to drive past a house he had lived in years ago at Largs Bay, as luck would have it there was an open inspection so we stopped and had a look. This house was at least 80 years old and in need of new electrical wiring and fencing, not to mention that most of the fences were asbestos, there was also a lot of rust on the outside car port and a very dated kitchen. The asking price $415,000, I don’t think so, I wished the agent good luck as we left. For that kind of money I would rather have a nicer home in a less sought after suburb.

James Bond again tonight, Brian is in his element as there is a double feature, I can handle one James Bond movie at a time but that is my limit. But wait, I think he has changed to Midsomer Murders as I can hear the theme song from downstairs, I don’t mind that so I might venture back downstairs. Thank you for reading.

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