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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 January 2013


Brian and I had a lazy day today, we both slept in quite late and have done very little all day. Kane and his wife Kristin came for tea with their 4 children, and we had a surprise visit from another grandson Cody with his mother and two of his cousins on his mother’s side, all in all not a bad day.

Tea was nothing flash just chicken, chips and salad followed by cheese cake. The grandchildren all have good appetites and ate quite well and then ran it off playing with their father in the backyard while we watched. They have just left and we have cleaned up what little mess there was as Kane and Kristin had already done most of it.

I heard the other day some rubbish on television about abolishing the states here in Australia, I am a firm believer that if it aint broke don’t fix it, so I am completely against this ridiculous proposal. In saying that however, I do feel there is much room for improvement, I think  Australia is too small a country to have different laws for the same thing in different states, I would like to see that changed. I also do not think the states should have separate state taxes from the federal taxation system.

Should the federal government take over responsibility for all the laws of the land, and all legislation, with common Acts for this and that  surely there would be some cost savings, it could then become the responsibility of the state governments to police this and ensure compliance. I suppose I am very naive but that is what I think.

While the government is about it, increase the driving age to 18, increase the legal age for voting, drinking of alcohol and the like back to 21, and decrease the hours during which alcohol is available for purchase. Thoughts of a middle-aged man is quickly becoming “Thoughts of a Grumpy Old Man” 🙂

Thank you for reading.



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