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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 January 2013

What a boring day today, I watched an old version of Les Miserables with Gerard Depardieu in it but I did not really enjoy it. I also had to renew my licence today and was told I need a medical clearance due to my high blood pressure.

While I was out I went to Mann’s Mitre 10 at Port Adelaide as I had been told they were distributors for Garden Master who supply bird aviaries and I wanted some information. I had to go to the building section which is down a ramp at the rear of the shop, at the bottom of that ramp is a customer service station, at least that is what I assumed it to be, today it was customer no service station.

As I was walking down the ramp there was a customer service person behind the counter, and it was obvious I was walking straight for him as there is nowhere else to go, so what did he do, he high tailed it out of there and left me standing there like a shag on a rock. Someone else finally approached me and I got what I wanted, but the guy who had walked away kept looking my way, completely uninterested in providing any form of service. If I do buy an aviary it will not be from that store.

Great to see the cooler weather back in Adelaide, I hate the hot weather and although it did not last long I was over it. My thoughts go out to my fellow Australians in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, at least no lives have been lost.

As for the three boys that started one of the fires in NSW, I hope they throw the book at them, and as for all those idiots that throw their cigarette butts out of their car window, think about it next time, all it takes is one butt, use the ashtray in your car and have some respect for your country. Thank you for reading.

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