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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 January 2013

I have had a reasonably busy day today, compared to the last few days anyway. I was up early this morning as I had an appointment for a haircut, if you can call a Number 2 all over a haircut, at least I look tidy for my return to work next week.

Next I was off to Ryan’s house at Blakeview to pick up Blake as he is buying the Magna from us. Ryan asked me to put the registration fee for his car on my credit card and he gave me the cash which I then put into my bank account.

Back home and I stripped the bed and washed the sheets and generally just lazed around, then I decided that as I am sick and tired of moving my record collection from house to house I would put them on-line and try to sell them. The site I am using is Novocat, I have not put the entire collection on as yet as that would take all day, just a couple of them to see how it goes.

I also found a company today that can build the loft for my racing pigeons, they have a number of standard aviaries, a couple of which would only need minor tweaking, or they can quote to my specification, so that made me happy.

Brian had dinner with his mother tonight at The Windsor Hotel, and while he won $108 on the pokies, he was also served a terrible chicken schnitzel that he sent back as it tasted like it was “off”. Another pub off our list.

Tonight we watched a television show with the British comedian Russell Brand which talked about his life a both a drug addict and a recovering addict. While I am still not sure about his type of comedy I have a new respect for him as an intelligent and compassionate human being. I admire him for his honesty and his willingness to help others with the same problems.

That’s it from me tonight. Thank you for reading, and thank you to my new readers and the visitors that I am now receiving.

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