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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 January 2013


Brian and I had a nice relaxing day together, we just drove around most of the afternoon looking at houses that were open for inspection. It never ceases to amaze us how some people present their homes, they are trying to sell them but they are not clean, the yards are unkempt, the oven and stove top or the bathroom are dirty, wouldn’t you think they would want prospective buyers to see their home in the best possible light?

There is one house we have been watching for a while and today it was open, what a disappointment it was, they owner was renovating it and ran out of time and money, a handyman’s dream but not ours. Another home had more cracks in it than I’ve got chins.

We went into one home where the agent was extremely rude, he told us he would give us a minute as he had to be somewhere else, and another where there was a hole in the back yard covered over by a slab of loose concrete, and the agent thought it might have been a septic tank, wouldn’t you think an agent would know the answer to that?

We did see one house that Brian quite liked, I liked the space as it was on a huge block, but the house and gardens had not been maintained, although the kitchen had recently been renovated, albeit it with no power point for a fridge.

Tonight we had a visit from my son Ryan with his fiancée Melissa and their daughter Calais who kept us all entertained. The kids are doing it tough at the moment and have been for a while, Ryan just cannot get full-time employment. It is very upsetting to see your child, man or not, so stressed out, if only we could do more to help.

Tomorrow is another day, and each new day brings new possibilities, at least that is what I told him. He has to believe in himself. Thank you for reading.


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