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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 January 2013


Brian has just got off the phone from Telstra, he complained because we were not warned before reaching our internet download monthly limit so they waived it and we are back to normal speed. I knew he would come in handy for something one day.

I’ve had a busy day off today, washing, ironing, reading, a quick trip to the shop for cucumber and cherry tomatoes for a salad to go with the pork chops we were having for tea. As I arrived at the shops I suddenly realised I had left eggs boiling on the stove, hard-boiled eggs to go with our meat and salad, they were definitely hard-boiled.

It was nice to stay in tonight as the last two nights we have needed to go out after dinner. I look forward to my evenings at home, as I am too tired to care after working all day. Tomorrow night is shopping night but we should be home by 7.30 or so.

Today I received in the post a note requesting that I keep 10 August free for the wedding of Summer and Justin, now that left me pondering, who are Summer and Justin, and then it dawned on me, or at least I think it did, Summer is my goddaughter. This is the same day as my youngest granddaughter’ 2nd birthday but I am sure Ryan and Melissa will accommodate and celebrate on the Sunday.

I know I will never win godfather of the year, I have not seen Summer since the day she was christened, something I am not proud of. Summer’s mother Kerry is one of my oldest friends but life took us on very different paths and we lost contact for a very long time. I am touched that despite my poor track record Summer wants me to go and share her special day. I will be there with bells on, well not actually on but you know what I mean.

Thank you for reading.



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