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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 January 2013

I was witness to something this morning that could have been quite dangerous. As I was driving to work along Port Road the traffic lights went red and I was one back from the intersection behind a very wide van which was towing an even wider trailer, next to the trailer was a cyclist in the bike line. The trailer was encroaching on the bike lane and when the lights turned green both cyclist and van took off and the trailer clipped the cyclist’s arm, no serious injury but it was enough to put the cyclist off-balance. The driver of the van would not have known a thing and continued oblivious.

It has been an absolute scorcher here in Adelaide today, and it would seem that a scorcher is ample excuse to throw all sense of fashion and decorum out the window. I believe that one can always look smart no matter the weather, but not the ladies of Norwood today. There were breasts hanging everywhere, one under each arm, down over the stomach, one high one low, muffin tops galore, and the ever popular stomach bulging under a top that is far too tight, potato mash just chafing at the bit for release.

Please, please ladies, I do not want to see these things, by all means dress for the weather but a bit of dignity please. A good old-fashioned doggy bra would help, something to round-up those boobies and head them in the right direction, not a danger to an innocent passer-by as he is jabbed in the ribs.

Another strange sight on the way home, again on Port Road, this time just outside the Entertainment Centre where the tram line terminates. This is the point of mass exodus and they head en masse straight across Port Road, granted they do cross at the pedestrian crossing, but push the button and wait for the traffic to stop, do not walk out in front of us, give us a fighting chance of stopping before you meander across the road.

That’s it from me today. Thank you for reading.

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