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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 January 2013

We had a bit of a lazy day today, a quick visit to Brian’s mother as she wanted him to do a couple of things for her, then the grocery shopping. We did drive past a couple of open inspections so we popped in for a look but there was nothing that really took our fancy.

After chicken wraps for lunch we both had a bit of a snooze until I was awoken by the telephone, a friend was popping in so that was the end of my nap, Brian was unresponsive but did wake up in time to help tidy a bit before our visitor arrived.

Ham steak, pineapple and salad for tea, something a bit different for a change. I remember when I first started work in the mid 1970’s ham steaks were quite a popular pub meal, not so any more. It’s funny how food fads come and go, I sometimes miss those days as even pub meals are not what they once were, more competition around I suppose, and more people eating out with more money to spend.

After tea we watched another David Attenborough wildlife special, what an interesting man he must be, and what a wonderful life he must have had, imagine the stories he could tell. It got me to thinking who I would invite to my ideal dinner party, David Attenborough is on top of the list along with his Holiness The Dalai Lama. Who would you invite?

Brian and I decided to have a nice quiet night at home so we rented a couple of videos, Magic Mike and The Iron Lady. After all the hype about Magic Mike all I can say is that it was an absolute load of drivel, the storyline was strange, the acting was terrible, I am so glad I did not waste good money going to see it at the cinema. Fingers crossed The Iron Lady will be better, with Meryl Streep starring it can’t be too bad, we will see tomorrow.

That’s it for this Saturday night. Thank you for reading.

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