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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 January 2013

Another day off tomorrow, roll on February, maybe then I can go to 4 days per week. Tonight I had an Inaugural General Meeting for a new corporation and did not achieve a quorum, it never ceases to amaze me how disinterested some people are but as soon as something goes wrong, or they think their levies are too high, they are not too busy then.

Today was Inauguration Day in the USA, fingers crossed that Mr Obama puts his money where his mouth is, lets hope he stomps all over the gun lobbyists. The arrogance of these people is astounding, they truly believe the USA is a better place because they have the right to bear arms. Wake up and smell the roses people, stop allowing your countrymen to be slaughtered by any wacko that can get a gun.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherall, so he thinks he can be Premier and Treasurer, a big ask for anyone, surely either of those roles warrant total dedication, and not part-time love. As for the Liberal Party, I may be a paid member but their stunt advertising for a Treasurer is just lame and pathetic, if that is the best we can do in opposition lord help us.

I got a bit of a shock driving to work this morning, sitting at a red light, blissfully unaware of life going on around me, another car sitting in the lane next to me. When the lights turned green we both got a shock when this moron on a motor bike sped between us and left us in his dust. I wonder whose fault it would have been if something tragic had happened?

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