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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 January 2013

At last my internet speed is back to normal, no more waiting for minutes for my screen to refresh, and I can get back on to YouTube.

Yesterday at the office I did something really stupid which completely slipped my mind when I was writing last night. Do not ask me how I did it as I have no idea, apparently I accidentally hit a “hot key” which turned the display on my screen upside down, can you imagine how disorientating that was, not to mention the frustration as I did not know what I had done so therefore had no idea how to correct it.

When in doubt shut down and reboot, surely that will fix it, it didn’t. It actually took me a good five to ten minutes to shut it down as even my mouse was doing the opposite to what it should have been doing. I called in my boss, she had not seen it before, next call was to our software support people who were able to tell me how to fix it, however I still had the problem of a mouse that would not cooperate.

If anyone had walked into my office at that point they would have thought I had gone nuts. I was standing behind my desk leaning over my screen so I could read it upside down telling my boss where to move the mouse, two minutes later all fixed, and I still don’t know how I did it, but at least I know how to fix it. 🙂

Today was my day off, nothing worth watching on the idiot box so I did some washing, read my book, and played on the internet…..Boring with a capital B. Now I am looking forward to the Australia Day long weekend as Brian and I are out and about all weekend, we will go to work next Tuesday for a rest.

Thank you for reading.

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