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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 January 2013

My day did not begin in a nice way today, when I got to the office I was bombarded by calls and problems from one particular corporation. It is even more frustrating when there is nothing you can really do as we only manage the Primary and the Secondary is managed elsewhere. The day did get better, and I did achieve a lot, but I still have a lot to do tomorrow.

We got a rude shock when we got home from work tonight, our electricity bill. Although he is now used to it Brian has in the past expressed some exasperation when I went around behind him turning appliances off, I bet he is glad I do it now. Despite our usage being less than at the same time last year, our bill has increased by $100 over the last quarter. We have never before had an increase like that.

It also appears that we are caught up in an invasion, an invasion of ants, our kitchen and laundry are covered in ants. I think a good dose of Ant Rid just might fix that problem, and the cooler weather should help as well, I suppose they are looking for food in the cool of the house.

I read an interesting article today, interesting to me anyway, should Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall be granted the title of Queen when the Prince of Wales ascends the throne. Personally I am in two minds, on the one hand she will be the wife of the King so why shouldn’t she be Queen. Then there is the other more historical strain of thought, which dictates that as she is a divorcee and not widowed, that she may not be entitled to be Queen, rather a Princess Consort. I am sure that when the time comes she will be Queen, if only by a special act of parliament.

It is great to see that over the next few days the weather in Adelaide will be quite mild, mid twenties for the forseeable future, although no rain. We can’t have everything, I am just glad not to have the hot conditions, not that we have had a really bad summer so far.

I’m starting to waffle so it is probably time I turned in. Good night and thank you for reading. By the way, have a good trip Joan.

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