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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 January 2013

You know sometimes it just does not pay to be nice, to do the right thing. During my lunch break today I went to the ATM to make a withdrawal, as I was getting there a young woman approached from the other direction so I did the gentlemanly thing and stood back so she could go first, a deliberate move which would have been obvious to a blind woman. Did I get an acknowledgement, a thank you, of course not. Women say that men are rude, but there are a lot of rude women out there as well.

I got a lot done at the office today, my phone did not ring until 11.00 which helped greatly, so I was able to clear some of my backlog. Just when I thought things were going smoothly in walks my boss and hands me a new corporation, a 60 unit retirement village, my third such village. This takes me up to nearly 700 lots and around 75 corporations.

We still have our ant problem here at home, the little buggers just keep coming despite the Ant Rid I have left all over the place. Tomorrow we will buy some surface spray and attack them from the outside as I know where they are getting in.

Brian and I have a very busy weekend this long weekend, and Brian has to go to the office for a couple of hours tomorrow which will give me time to do some washing so we can visit the boys and their families tomorrow.

Off to bed now. Thank you for reading.

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