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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 January 2013


Brian and I went to see Mum in the nursing home today, even though she looked a bit better than the last visit she is still not good. Mum is becoming increasingly confused and any conversation is becoming very difficult, today she said she wanted something nice to eat, and she added she had lots of nice food hidden around but could not remember where she hid it. The nursing staff told me she is refusing to eat and it is obvious she has lost weight.

On the way to the nursing home I wanted to check out a couple of new corporations I have recently picked up in Munno Para West, we found them, nothing much to write home about. The common property which is all we manage is almost non-existent, it makes you wonder why the developers set them up as such.

Next stop was the Munno Para Shopping Centre to put on our X-Lotto, an added bonus, a small win last week which paid for this week. Thank you very much Universe, greatly appreciated. On our way out of the shopping centre the horrible aroma of body odour, not us someone else, no excuse for that I am afraid, have a shower.

Not long after we arrived home Ryan and Melissa surprised us with a visit with Calais, they were here an hour or so, a nice visit as always, Calais is gorgeous and so full of beans. Brian went for a drive in Ryan’s new car then it was time for us to change for dinner.

We met good friends Jo and Kate for dinner and The Birkenhead Tavern, a lovely meal and great company. I was just in the mood for a wine tonight and I quite enjoyed it for a change, I am usually a brandy drinker but just lately I have turned more to beer and tonight was wine, not that I am a big drinker anyway.

That’s enough waffle from me tonight. Happy Australia Day. Thank you for reading.


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