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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 January 2013

What a beautiful summer day in Adelaide today. We had lunch with some of our extended family at The Sussex Hotel which was pleasant, it is always nice to catch up with family members we do not often see.  Todays get together was for the 75th birthday of my mother’s brother Phillip, his wife Carol was there, Mum’s youngest brother Bronte and his partner Raelene, as well as Mum’s sister Jacqui and her husband Trevor. My sister Carolyn and her husband Fred were also there, along with our cousin Sandi Mc.

We got home mid afternoon and then did as we usually do and fell asleep, after a big lunch and a few beers a nap was all I wanted. Consequently we had a late dinner tonight, nothing heavy or flash as I think we were both still a bit bloated from lunch.

It is not often that we watch 60 Minutes but each time we do Allison Langdon seems to be in some dangerous place reporting on the seedy side of society. Tonight she was in Sao Paulo in Brazil reporting on the kidnappings of ordinary people and the police that track them down and bring them safely home to the families, hopefully catching the culprits in the process.

It is not often I say this but I take my hat off to Allison, she is a brave and gutsy journalist who is not afraid to put herself out there on some very dangerous assignments in some very dangerous places, surely a Walkley Award can not be far away.

I have just read an article about Prince Harry in Majesty magazine, now he is in trouble for perceived flippant remarks about his recent military tour in Afghanistan. Give the Prince a break, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, so his comments may not be politically or militarily correct, so what, he put his life on the line for the people of Afghanistan, he was away from his family just like all the other servicemen and women, and he is a young man and young men are sometimes flippant. Get over it.

Another busy day for us tomorrow. Good night for now and thank you for reading.

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