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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 January 2013

Today we went to a friends for lunch and caught up with some old friends from my days at Solver Paints, and met some new friends. Carol hosted the lunch as a way of introducing us to her new “friend” Pete, who is somewhat of an amateur gourmet cook.

Lunch was lovely, a Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Tandoori Chicken and good old Aussie chops and salad followed by a fruit platter. The company was good and we had a great laugh, I had a couple of brandies or four and Brian drove home. The only downside to the afternoon being that Brian’s back is particularly bad again and we left a little earlier than we otherwise may have.

When we got home, you guessed it, we both had a little nap. I was only half asleep really and I did not let Brian sleep long as I knew he would be up all night. We did not have any dinner tonight, just some cheese and biscuits a little while ago as it feels like all we have done all weekend is eat. What a busy weekend we have had, back to work for a rest.

My Kitchen Rules is back, something new to watch, hallelujah, I am so sick of reruns. The precocious siblings from Queensland are already getting on my goat, as are the girls from New South Wales, with any luck both teams will be out early, and I doubt if they will be missed by the other contestants or the public.

Season 3 of Downton Abbey and Revenge start next week, two of my favourite shows. Brian and I have recently bought a hard drive recorder so I will not have to miss my shows when I have evening meetings. All I need now is the AFL and I will be a happy man.

Thank you for reading.

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