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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 January 2013


I read in Majesty magazine this morning that Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands has announced she will abdicate in favour of her son on 30 April 2013. I believe that her mother Queen Juliana, and her grandmother Queen Wilhelmina both abdicated in favour of their heirs, not something one can imagine a British monarch doing, particularly Elizabeth II. Queen Beatrix will apparently become Princess Beatrix, I believe Queen Mother would be more appropriate but I do not understand the Dutch system of royalty.

Flat out like a lizard drinking, that pretty well sums up today. I had another Inaugural General Meeting tonight, and again I did not get a quorum which means an adjourned meeting, very frustrating for me and the owners who do attend. It can be a hard sell explaining to these owners why the corporation has been set up the way it has, and to justify the expenses, but most people understand it is not our doing and are quite reasonable once it is explained.

It was great to see Matt and Mick, the father and son team from Tasmania on My Kitchen Rules do so well tonight, a lot of sour grapes from the other contestants though. You would think that after the praise from the professional judges, Manu Feildel and Pete Evans, the other contestants might just think they have it wrong. Good on the boys from Tasmania, they were gentlemen last night and gracious hosts this evening, I hope they go all the way.

My grandson Cody has a cracked tooth so today had his first dentist appointment. If you tell Cody something he takes you at your word, and if you go back on your word he lets you know. Today the dentist told him she would look but not touch, well guess what, she touched so Cody bit her and then berated her for telling him fibs. Further treatment will be done in hospital under an anaesthetic. Love that little boy.

Thank you for reading.

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