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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 January 2013

Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard announced an election for 14 September 2013, hallelujah, a change of government is overdue. Julia Gillard may go down in history as the first female Prime Minister of Australia, but she will also be the only female Prime Minister who did not win an election in her own right. If the Labour Party want any hope of winning this election they must change their leader. I know the elections are supposed to be about the party more than the person, but the reality is that both are equally important to the voter, and to some the person is more important.

On a lighter note I have not been feeling the best today, a bit of a tummy upset I think although it has calmed down tonight. I was not all that hungry at dinner and have drunk very little all day, it did not stop me though, I got everything done I wanted, the washing and the ironing, and cooked dinner.

Today was my day off so back to work tomorrow. I am really over working three days per week, another day would be good, I know it is coming it is just a matter of when. I do have a number of new corporations coming in the next few weeks so hopefully by the end of February things will be looking up.

I am really quite pleased I let Brian talk me into buying the hard drive recorder for the television, it has come in quite handy already. Tonight we have taped another two shows that I will watch on my next day off, much better than sitting in an uncomfortable chair glued to YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube I might just have a quick look before I go to bed, so that’s it for tonight. Thank you for reading.

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