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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 February 2013

Brian and I hit the road early this morning and headed north, we eventually stopped for lunch in Burra. One of the local bakeries was just what we felt like, lovely country baked pies and pasties, and a cake each as well, diabetic for me naturally. 🙂

From Burra we headed to Robertstown and dropped in on a friend for a quick coffee before heading off to Fairview Park as there was a house open we wanted to see. The opening was from 3.00-4.00 but when  we arrived the agent said the house had been sold the day before so we drove all that way for zip. When we left we saw a sign for another open inspection so popped in there, another waste of time, the house basically needed gutting and starting again, much too big a project and very over priced.

We were due at Kane and Kristin‘s for tea so headed there next. Kane’s four children were pleased to see us and 5-year-old Jayden proudly showed us the gap in his front  teeth as he has lost his first tooth. We watched the grandkids play, read books with them, and had lots of cuddles.

As Kane and Kristin were providing tea we stopped at Foodworks in Elizabeth East and bought some ice-creams for dessert. When we opened these ice-creams they looked as if the freezer had gone off and they had thawed and been frozen again, the ice-cream was everywhere except on the stick, we will not be going there again.

By 8.00 Brtian’s back was aching so we said good-bye and came home. At home we were met by a cacophony of white cockatoos, quite noisy birds but very nice to look at. They have flown off and settled now so it is much quieter, until tomorrow anyway.

I have bot rot from sitting in the car so long and am very tired so that is it for me tonight. Thank you for reading.

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