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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 February 2013

So now it’s official the world truly is going mad, some idiots want to ban candles on birthday cakes at child care centres because they are unhygienic, whatever happened to kids being kids. When we were kids we sucked on sour sobs and made mud pies, we survived, and I am sure our immune systems are probably all the better for it. Back then we all seemed to be reasonably hardy but kids today have always got something wrong with them.

I see the gay marriage debate is on again now that the British have legalised it. I for one would not get married even if it was legal in Australia, but that is just me, I have no objection to anyone else that wants to make that type of commitment. This could be an election winner in Australia, I only hope the Liberal Party wake up to it before Labor. In saying that with Gillard at the helm I cannot see a Labor turnaround on that one, she does not even appear to believe in marriage period.

I had a nice relaxing day off today and now feel a bit rejuvenated. I went to the doctor and have to have a couple of tests but nothing I am really worried about. I have to say I do not like the Taperoo surgery as much as the Osborne one, the doctors are not as friendly.

I am a bit later than usual tonight as Brian and I have been watching catch-up television, some of the shows we have taped. We are both enjoying My Kitchen Rules, it was great to see the “Spice Girls” get their comeuppance. Those girls could do with  a lesson in humility, although I think even that would be wasted on them

Good night and thank you for reading.

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