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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 February 2013


Am I the only one having trouble with Facebook tonight, it is not playing fair. I am trying to post something to Graham’s Goodies  and the text is coming up grey and it won’t post, not happy Jan.

I tell you what I am happy about, new corporations are just rolling in at work, I can’t keep up, but as I am the only one who can take on more work it looks like I will continue to be a very busy boy. Fingers crossed I will be working a five-day week before much longer, and won’t that be a shock to the system. I have not worked five days on a regular basis since February 2012.

Tonight I am pooped after only just four days, and we have a busy weekend so no time to recharge my batteries. I will be looking forward to my day off next Wednesday, that is if I get me day off. You can’t have your cake and eat it to Graham, suck it up and just do it.

Fortunately for me Brian has done all the washing as he is on annual leave, that is a weight off my mind as that is usually my job and I will have no time this weekend. Brian and I have always had clearly defined roles, both financially and around the house, I guess that is how we have made our relationship work over the years. I would like to think that each of us would be lost without the other, hopefully that will not be a concern for a very long time.

Some top television shows may be coming back but Friday night television is till woeful, never mind the AFL is back soon, that is if they can get past this doping scandal. There is no room for drugs in sport, if you can’t win honestly it is not worth it. Oh for the days when true sportsmen really were true sportsmen, and they made great achievements through sheer strength and tenacity. I really hope the Adelaide Crows are not involved in any of these shenanigans.

Go the Crows. Thank you for reading.



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